Amazing Paintings by the Award winning Painter Cornelia Hernes from Norway

Cornelia Hernes is a award winning artist who currently teach at The Florence Academy of Art in Jersey City, USA where her studio is also situated. Cornelia was born and raised in Norway and from the onset of her oil painting pursuits in her late teens, she was particularly interested in rendering the human form and emotive expressions through portraiture and mythological motifs. During the course of her artistic and academic training she further developed a deep affection for the genres of still life, interiors and nature motifs. Her current focus includes portrait painting, still life & floral painting as well as commission based work.
While a student, she became a teacher assistant and upon graduation she was hired on as a Principal Instructor in the drawing and painting program. She moved to Gothenburg, Sweden in 2010 and taught at the Swedish branch of the Florence Academy of Art until 2016. The same year, Cornelia was awarded 2nd place in the drawing category in the 12th International ARC salon Competition. She now resides in the New York Metropolitan area.
The Tapestry of Life. 2012. Oil on linen. 41x27 inches. by Cornelia Hernes
Midsummers night dream. 2013. Oil on linen. 23 x 35 inches by Cornelia Hernes
Selfportrait in Black Hat. 2018. Oil on panel. 12x12 inches by Cornelia Hernes
Rusty bucket and yellow flowers. 2015. Oil on linen. 21x23 inches by Cornelia Hernes
Bathing Beauty. Oil on linen. 21x17 inches by Cornelia Hernes
Andrea. 2019. Oil on linen adhered to panel. 12x9 inches by Cornelia Hernes
The Jade Robe. 2019 Oil on linen. 12x10 inches by Cornelia Hernes
The Storyteller. 2016. Chalk & charcoal on toned paper by Cornelia Hernes

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